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All our Packages for Social Media Marketing in Fairfield County, CT and surrounding areas offer varied levels of Social Media account activity.

Package Activities

Facebook Maintenance to include:

  • We post 3-4 times per week that include quotes, articles and other information that should be shared on your business page. (ex.: Events, Education, Videos, Photos)
  • We “tag” groups and other businesses within our posts.
  • We respond to all comments.

Twitter Maintenance to include:

  • 2-3 tweets per day/5 days per week that includes quotes, article links and other information that should be shared on your profile.
  • Regular re-tweets each day.
  • Un-follow those who do not follow your profile.
  • We add followers to your account according to geographic location and keywords.

LinkedIn Maintenance to include:

  • 3 updates per week that include quotes, article links and other information that should be shared

Measurement Reporting to include:

  • Social Media Report Reporting

Monthly Update Consult to include:

  • Up to 1 hour of questions, updates, strategy review