Why is Twitter So Powerful?

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Why is Twitter So Powerful? 2017-04-26T01:08:30+00:00

Social Media is not just for socializing or finding new friends and partners. It is for market research, marketing campaigns, and sales pitches. Using Twitter for market research will give you powerful information about what is happening in the market place. You can observe Twitter trends and use Twitter Search to find out where live searches are tweeted. Twitter will give you real-time information on the needs to tweeters.

The power of twitter is the power of people. You can gain live feeds of the current market. One very powerful tool is being able to watch what is going on and what products and services are trending. Never miss the latest buzz on products and happenings. Use Twitter to bring business to your site or to your brick and mortar store.  There is nothing more disappointing than not using a powerful tool that will help build your business. Twitter is that tool.

Powerful Twitter Tools

Use Twitter for lead generation. What belter method than to join a group that is looking for a specific product. If you have something worthwhile you will gain followers who want to find out more. Twitter users are looking for products and services that will add value to their lives. If you have solutions to business and personal problems, they will follow you. Treat your followers as leads and nurture them.

Relationship building is a powerful tool that Twitter provides. Stay in touch with your followers by giving tweeters issues that will be encouraging.  Give advice. Advice and knowledge will increase the relationships between you and your tweeters. Built trust and be personable. Be an expert in your field and let them know that you are the professions who will help them.  People love comfort in knowing that there is someone who understands and will give assistance and support.

Twitter for traffic building is great idea. Once you have people following you or you follow them, you can start sending people to you website.  Do this by listing your website in your Twitter profile. Your followers will click on your link when they visit your profile to see who you really are. Tweet your website and other links that will be of interest to your followers. Help them solve problems, and you will be the king or queen of marketing tweeting.

You can build marketing lists by using Twitter. As you organize your online campaigns you can let your Twitter buddies know where they can get more information about a particular product. You can provide literature or have them sign up for your newsletter. This will help give you a list of people who could be a part of your business marketing campaigns. If you have established a “friendship” on Twitter, your followers will always read and peruse your literature offerings.

The power of Twitter is incredible. It is not just a website for showing pictures and updating statuses. Twitter can be a business tool. Just remember to make your tweets interesting and entertaining. Don’t just list products and services but give value and examples. Use Twitter and you will definitely gain customers.